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“Look what I got!” Avery brags to a very relaxed and lounging Katherine as she brings Viviana into their domain.

“How did you manage that? I thought you-?” Katherine is speechless, witnessing Avery's expert skills in quickly untying Viviana's silvery bikini top, rendering her breasts fully exposed.

Viviana the Brno escort giggles, arms shooting up to her full bosom, shocked at her sudden nudity. “Wow! It's chilly in here.”

“I'll warm you up.” Avery covers Viviana with her own body, dressed in a bra, panties, seamed stockings and heels but nothing more. A starving woman wastes no time devouring fresh kill and that is all Viviana is to her at the moment. Without even knowing what hit her, Viviana is bent over the couch with a tongue buried deeply in her private spot. Avery has her caught in a web of sexual intensity, kneading Viviana's tits, squeezing tender nipples while plunging in and out of her pussy.

“Oh my gosh,” Viviana squeals, “I hope you are Avery.”

“I am, yes, now be a good girl and come on my face. Not just a little, but gush on me.”

Taking Viviana's buttocks to her face, she moves on to her puckering anus like a decadent lollipop. Viviana claws the couch, breath stolen away by the pleasure of Avery's anal worshiping. “You do it so good!” Viviana coos, which only makes Avery go at her tightness faster, licking with mad desire. “Avery, girl, you are going insane! How about some champagne and slow it down?” Katherine laughs, excited by the sex show playing out within her grasp. She knows going slower is the last thing Avery has in mind.

“Hush. You just watch.” Licking more and more, moving to her pussy for deep tongue penetration and lavish sucking, Viviana can hardly stand it. Her legs shake with wild jolts of electricity coursing through her body from clit to knees to toes. “Want more, baby? Tell me, say it,” Avery questions and demands at once.

“Yes, I want more! I want! I want!” Her voice trails off, body stiffening in the throes of an escalating orgasm. Avery powers a full attack on her juicy pussy, pushing her entire face against it, slurping on her release, mouth and tongue going nonstop on Viviana's pulsating hole. Avery grabs her own clit, rubbing the right spot to send her twitching pussy into a creamy mess of lady lust. Viviana collapses in a heap on the couch, right on top of Katherine's feet.

Avery's face is covered with Viviana's cum. She licks it up, using her fingers to transfer fluids from cheeks and chin to the mouth for swallowing. Her own panties are soaked by a desperately needed orgasm, having climbed the pleasure ladder with Viviana's bucking hips. The deed is done and the hunger satiated.

“Is that it?” Viviana asks innocently, agreeable if more was required. Avery and Katherine blink, stunned at her youthful energy, ready to go again.

“Yes, but, it doesn't have to be.” Avery leaves room for negotiation, but Katherine is clear minded, “We've celebrated Marina's birthday good and long, Avery. I think it's time we close up shop and make sure our guest is getting hers.”

“You're right, my dear Katherine.” Avery slips off her soaking panties in favor of airing out her happy pussy. “We should get dressed and say our goodbyes.”

“So, goodbye to me then?” Viviana adjusts herself, patting Katherine's feet, making sure they're unharmed after falling on them. She kisses her toes, before hugging Avery.

“That was fun being with wolves. Thanks!” The naïve one is giddy. Katherine questions, “You mean, cougars?”

“Cougars? Gosh, no, ladies. I was repeating what Dusty said. Maybe now she'll let me dance?”

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