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 60 best rhetorical essay topic ideas - 2022



Rhetorical analysis is primarily the interpretation and analysis of someone’s earlier work. An essay writer of any company is aware that this is not an easy writing task because your piece of writing is not about a random aspect rather a piece of writing on any work that is already been completed with appropriate perfection. Rhetorical analysis is mostly about any non-fictional work but this is not a thumb rule and hence fictional work can also fall under the rubric of rhetorical analysis.


Rhetorical analysis is primarily the breaking down of text and then analyzing and interpreting different perspectives. By asking for services from essay writing service, this analysis and interpretation become as easy as a knife through the butter. Rhetorical analysis is all about digging deep into details of the actual text. Detail is not just about the text or the communication skills, rather it is also about the use of different symbols and metaphorical presentations.


This needs to be considered that topics of rhetorical essays are not just confined to mere literary pieces of writing, rather it can be about books of any genre. Even books are not the only prerequisite rather movies, art, drama, painting, etc. can equally be the probable topic for rhetorical research. Based on these above-mentioned aspects, some of the rhetorical essay topics that are equally well-known by essay writer and famous in 2022 are mentioned below.


  1. Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice

  2. Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

  3. Michael Punke “The Revenant”

  4.     The Awakening by Kate Chopin

  5. Al-Chemist by Paulo Coelho

  6.     21 lessons for the twenty-first century by Yuvan Nova Harari

  7.     Learning about ancient societies through the works of Plato and Aristotle.

  8.     Analyzing The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

  9.     John J Mearsheimer's theory and the rise of Asia.

  10. Convincing American masses about the war on terror by President Bush.

  11. The power of speech writing by Wallace

  12. Why do fiction movies mostly rely on love stories

  13. Why best-selling books should be channelized through movies for a greater audience and message

  14. Discussing the concerns on the criteria of Noble Laureate.

  15. Television advertisements and the use of convincing tools.

  16. Jared Diamond's interpretation of the North-South Divide

  17. Singer’s theory about poverty alleviation and the implementation challenges.

  18. Fahrenheit 451 and the major socio-political themes

  19. Use of symbolism in novels

  20. Assessing the quality of novel writing

  21. Evolving tools of gender equality

  22. How satisfaction and loyalty are defined and interpreted by different writers?

  23. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and the dominant primary theme

  24. Yellow journalism and the posed threat to the standards of journalism

  25. Need for culture and art in our lives

  26. Evolution of art along with the history

  27. Role of marketing in altering the choices of the masses

  28. Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

  29. Shirley Jackson’s The lottery

  30. The character of Vito Corleone in the movie "Godfather"

  31. Need of craziness in life, like the character of Floki in Vikings.

  32. Rhetorical analysis of 1984 by George Orwell.

  33. A statement by George Orwell: “search for happiness rather than freedom”

  34. The role of symbolism is writing a novel

  35. Analysis of the Ted Talk, regarding the impact of the health of African Americans due to institutional discrimination

  36. Motivational factor of Burger KingWork of Allan Poe and the use of rhetoric.

  37. Motivational speech by Jack Ma and the influence on youth

  38. I have a dream by martin Luther king

  39. Favorite president in American history and its influence on future politics

  40. “No more taxes” and election rhetoric by President George Bush

  41. Nelson Mandela’s speech in the UN general assembly for an inclusive world.

  42. Techniques used by the presidents in contemporary times to satisfy their support base

  43. Any Rand's stronghold overuse of rhetorical devices

  44. Famous and historical Pearl Harbor Address by Franklin D. Roosevelt

  45. Efficacy of a book or a movie of it

  46. Analysis of the opinions shared in Foreign Policy magazine

  47. Why post casts are replacing talk shows, in the context of mass hearing

  48. Lie in selling the low-quality product with the rhetoric of flat discount

  49. Comparing the speech of senior and junior Bush, to announce military actions against other states

  50. Use of symbolism in the novel Animal Farm

  51. Why Spanish and French music is gaining popularity, especially after the recent decade

  52. What are the criteria to determine a “best-seller” book?

  53. Why the credibility of the Guinness world record is questioned, especially in the first world?

  54. Comparison of cultural and commercial music

  55. Is it justified to call Disneyland "The Happiest Place on Earth"?

  56. Role of emotional appeal in motivational speeches.

  57. Determining main themes and ideas in “The Sense of an Ending

  58. Elaborate on the literary devices used in “A Red, Red Rose

  59. Why movies are more inclined toward action and thrillers rather than a strong story?

These are 60 rhetorical essay topics that can be used for a rhetorical essay. These topics can also be used as samples to determine that what are the prerequisites in a topic to be shortlisted as a rhetorical essay topic. If the students can develop command on this aspect, then the most likely outcome is that they would be able to write a quality rhetorical essay too, without pleading others to write my essay. The reason to argue is that if the students can understand the do's and don'ts of the rhetorical essay topic that the same delicacies can be replicated at the stage of writing a rhetorical essay as well.


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